about the artist

June Schoppe is an award-winning elected member of the Martha's Vineyard Art Association, and an associate member of the Lyme Art Association. Her work is in private collections throughout the United States and Australia.  

After graduating from Elms College with a degree in Fine Art and Secondary Education June continued painting abstract oils, concentrating on an exploration of color as delineated in organic forms and fluid linear composition. For the next seven years she taught fine art at the high school level in Springfield before retiring from teaching to raise their young family. While pregnant with their third child,  June designed and co-founded the Wilbraham Children's Museum, a hands-on learning and art workspace and served as the museum's first director.

After a number of years exploring the medium of watercolor, June rekindled her love of oil painting, discovering the challenging medium of Plein Air painting. The Plein Air method requires an instinctive yet scientific approach to solving the immediate problem of atmosphere and how it affects the landscape, an equation that must be solved rather quickly, given the rapidly changing conditions. The painter's response is also an emotional one, requiring a pure brushstroke, coupled with the use of appropriate color, letting a form's characteristics and details be revealed distinctly but subtlely. "I absolutely love working in the dynamic conditions and delight in capturing the exquisite color and light options that can change moment to moment."

June works primarily in oils and divides her time between Martha's Vineyard, Massachusetts and Naples, Florida. Born and raised in Springfield, MA, the daughter of a self-taught commercial artist, June is married to her husband, Irv, of 48 years. They have four grown children and seven grandchildren.